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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics
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The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics is established by merging the center of dynamics and materials
science and the department of mechanical Engineering, two of the departments founded in the early period of Ningbo
University, with the rich educational and research resources, the faculty consists of Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Department of Mechanics, Department of Industrial Design and The central laboratory. The present executive is Professor
Chen Jiankang.

In 2007, the Faculty started a doctoral program and won a first prize of natural science by the Ministry of Education. In
2008, it had one of its specialties listed in the national featured specialties. In 2009, it obtained a national project of
demonstrative bilingual teaching.

The discipline of engineering mechanics conducted in the Faculty is on the first list of the provincial-level key disciplines
of Ningbo University
, and in 2008, this discipline was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Government as a core discipline of
provincial level project
“Offshore Shock and Safety”. It has Laboratory of Shock and Safety, a key lab jointly founded by the
faculty and the department of Education of Zhejiang Province, and the key lab of Piezoelectric Devices Technology of Ningbo.
The discipline of Techtronic engineering is a sky discipline of Zhejiang Province (of A Class), equipped with Ningbo Key
Laboratory of Digitalized Manufacturing Technology.

The Faculty offers one doctoral program, four master programs of second level, and one master program of first level and
four bachelor programs. As present, it has over 1000 full-time undergraduates, 120 postgraduates, and over 100 students of
adult education.

The faculty has 83 members, including 55 teachers, of whom, 15 are professors, 27 are associate professors, and 8 of them
are doctoral supervisors. Of the faculty members, 1 is entitled Famous Teacher of Zhejiang, 3 Distinguished Professors of
Zhejiang, and 1 Distinguished Professors of Ningbo.
1 teacher is listed in the Excellent Young Teachers programs of
MOC, PRC, and 19 are in the “151 talent Program of Zhejiang”. 3 teachers are honored as national-level model teachers
of dynamic.

In recent five years, the faculty has undertaken over 40 national and provincial scientific research projects, and the funds fro
the projects add up to 15 million yuan. The faculty has had over 500 academic papers published in authoritative journals or
read at important academic conferences home and abroad.

The faculty has cooperative relationships with Purdue University, Aston University, University of Manitoba, University of
Sydney, Taiwan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and China
Academy of Engineering Physics. The cooperation ranges from education to academic researches.

Mechanical Engineering

The 4-year bachelor degree program is conducted by lecturers who get the PhD degree from overseas Universities or
have overseas working experiences. The core curriculum of the Mechanical Engineering degree program from
University of Manitoba, Canada is adopted for the program.

This program is strong both in training students in practical problem-solving skills, as well as in giving an international
perspective of Mechanical Engineering knowledge and capability. It also offers international students opportunity in learning
some basic skill in Mandarin.

Core courses:
Engineering Economics, Computer Usage, Engineering Graphics, Physics Strength of Materials,
Mechanics of Machine, Production & Manufacturing Systems, Machine Design, Electrical and Electronics, Production
Practice, Mechatronic Products Design, Comprehensive Design Project.
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Admission Procedure
Ningbo University
Study in China application, Applying to China Medical University,
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Materials to be submitted to us: (Scan )

  • Passport (Only the first page )
  • Higher secondary transcripts/Mark
  • A completed Application form

Download the Application form  fill it with
Photo and Scan and email to
info@chinaenglishmedium.com  with all
the above required documents.
Undergraduate: An applicant who is
Minimum a high secondary graduate with
good health and without criminal record.

Applicants must have passed

  • Grade twelve (10+2)
  • M. 6 (Thailand)
  • A-Level
  • STPM ( Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Science

Ningbo, China
Bachelor in Mechanical
4  years
RMB 20000 / year
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International Students Apartment

The International Students Apartment offers double rooms and
single rooms with hotel standard facilities such as TV, Bathroom,
Toilet and air-conditioner.
Double Room:
Location: in Campus Hotel for International Students

Location: in Campus Hotel for International Students
In your room:

One bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, desk lamp
√ Bed linen (duvets with cover, sheets, pillows and pillowcases) and a towel are provided and changed regularly. We
suggest that you bring extra towels with you.
√ High speed network/internet link-- buy the credit for internet access by yourself.
√ Air-conditioner, Cable TV
√ Bathroom/shower and toilet facilities
Hostel in Ningbo University, Ningbo University
International students in Ningbo University, dormitory in Ningbo University
There are Three types of room are available
  • 2500 RMB/year  ( Four students in one rooms)
  • 4280 RMB/year ( Double room)
  • 5000 RMB/year  ( Single room)
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Ningbo - CHINA
Map of Ningbo, China, study in China
Ningbo is located midway in the coastline of
the East China Sea, facing north to Shanghai
from across the Hangzhou Bay. It covers an
area of 9,365 sq. km and has a population of
5.4 million.

Ningbo enjoys a convenient traffic condition
and travel from Ningbo to Shanghai is thirty
minutes by plane, or approximately two hours
by bus through the Trans-Hangzhou-Bay
Great Bridge.

The city is blessed with subtropical climate,
featuring mild temperature, moderate
humidity and distinctive seasons. Its average
temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. As
one of the 5 earliest opened-up port cities in
ancient China, Ningbo has ever established
its reputation as a shining pearl near the East
China Sea. There are still some relics of
foreign embassies and churches in this city.

Ningbo is renowned as a world-recognized
port with its cargo handling capacity ranking a
stable second place in China.

The port has shipping links with 518 ports in
84 countries and regions across the world.
Known as "a thriving port city and an outpost
of China's opening-up", Ningbo has
witnessed the rapid economic and social
development since opening up to the outside

Now it ranks the tenth among the cities in the
mainland of China in terms of
comprehensive strength.

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