Why Huazhong University of Science and Technology ?
The College is made up of 4 schools and 9 departments. It offers 9 specialities and 6
quasi-specialities. An educational pattern has been formed which puts the education
of undergraduates as the foundation, the education of graduate students as the focal
point and actively develops the multi-subject, multi-speciality and multi-level adult

The college possesses 2 key laboratories and 1 clinical pharmacological base under
the Ministry of Public Health, 12 institutes, 11 research centers, 21 independent
research offices, 3 attached hospitals and 1 affiliated secondary health school. The
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Wuhan Branch), The Chinese Academy of
Preventive Medicine (Wuhan Branch), and the German Training Center of the Ministry of
Public Health are also located here.


1. One of the top ranking universities in china with variety of programs.

2. It offers 75 undergraduate programs, 200 Master programs, 139 doctoral programs
and 22 post-doctoral research centers

3. It boasts to have 4 National Engineering Research Centers, 4 National Leading
Laboratories and 2 National Specialized Laboratories in the university.

4. The Library possesses more than 2,290,000 collections, including over 10,000
kinds of periodicals and 300 newspapers from both China and abroad. The library can
accommodate 2700 readers in 29 reading rooms.

5. Scientific researches are held in the university both National and International level.
A current research project (China-UK HUST-IACR International Joint Lab) is one of the
major events taking place in the university.

6. There are 10 students canteen in the university campus which serves different
variety in each one.

7. Separate hostel accommodation for the international students with fully equipped
Apartment type rooms.

8. Banks, Post office, Telephone booths, Supermarkets, Recreations centre are
available inside the campus.

9. International co-operation in various fields with countries like USA, Britain, Germany.
France, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sultan etc.

10. Currently there are more than 350 International students from 40 countries around
the world.

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Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Study MBBS in China in English Medium