Huazhong University of Science and Technology
The Facilities:
Research Institute Of TMC
1. Birth control research institute
2. Cardiovascular disease research institute
3. Cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine research institute
4. Environmental medicine research institute
5. Foundation medicine research institute
6. Gerontology research institute
7. Hematology research institute
8. Higher medicine education research institute
9. Immunology research institute
10. Liver disease research institute
11. Medicine humanities study research institute
12. Medicine informatics research institute
13. Neuroscience research institute
14. Occupational disease research institute
15. Organ transplantation research institute
16. Otolaryngology research institute
17. Pulomary disease research institute
18. Social medicine research institute
19. Urology research institute


Student and Teacher

Teachers approximately 2000 people, professors approximately 350 people, associate
professors approximately 600 people. Current students are approximately 10,000 in
the school.

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Huazhong University Campus
The college library has a collection of over 530,000 volumes of books in more
languages such as English, German, Japanese, French and Russian.

A computer managerial network system was built up in 1990, and the library was
linked with MEDLARS international on-line terminal in 1992, and it entered the
international INTERNET in 1996. At present, the library has gained the
informational consulting functions of carrying on the global.
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Huazhong University Campus
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