Curriculum and Faculties:
countries like Russia Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Armenia to study medicine. They could
not do well in their Screening Test Exam conducted by the Medical Council of India
(MCI) and the students failed in mass. This is because the students had to study in a
different system and the MCI had conducted the exam in the pattern based on the
syllabus and system of India.

To solve this problem Huazhong University of Science and Technology has adapted
MCI curriculum in collaboration with International Curriculum to keep its standards
high. This is of greatest advantage to Indian students.

The College now has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, more than
1,400 full and associate professors. The entire staff numbers are above 7,500.
Doctorate degrees can be conferred in 31 subjects and specialities, with 116 tutors for
doctoral candidates. 51 subjects and specialities for Master's degrees can be granted
with over 540 tutors for graduate students. Post-doctoral research centers have been
set up in basic medicine, public health, preventive medicine and clinical medicine.
There are nearly 900 Ph.D and master candidates, more than 3,500 undergraduates,
over 300 students in the 3-year system, about 160 foreign students. Since 1981, 700
medical doctors and 3000 medical masters have been graduated from here.

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