Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Hostel & Safety:
All international students live in Friendship Apartments Building on campus.

There are separate facilities for Boys and girls. Well appointed hostels with fully
furnished, air conditioned rooms made for international students. Rooms are
furnished with TV, Telephone, Broadband Network, Refrigerator, Washing
Machine, Radiators, Air condition and other amenities.

The hostels are given good protection by security agencies and police booths in
the University.

Public facilities : kitchen, laundry, gym, dance hall, canteen

Living facilities

There is a dance hall in the Friendship Apartments Building with karaoke facilities
for large-scale activities.

There are open-air volleyball and basketball courts in the compound of the
Friendship Apartments Building.

There are restaurants nearby serving various tastes of food in addition to the East
and West District Canteens for Chinese students, offering breakfast, lunch and

There are also different kinds of shops, supermarkets and free markets on

The travel agency of the University Reception Center, which is located next to the
Friendship Apartments Building, can help to do the business like selling airline
tickets and train tickets, confirming international airline tickets, and arranging
domestic and international tours.

Exchange of RMB

Travelers’ check, VISA card, and US dollars can be deposited and drawn and
exchanged for RMB at the Bank of China branch on campus, which is about 5
minutes’ walk from the International Students Apartments Building.

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