The University is the only one of the national “211 project” universities in Henan. Now this
public university has two PRC national key subjects  Material processing project,
Condensed matter physics。And Chinese ancient history is her PRC national key

== The School of International Education ==

The School of International Education is responsible for the enrollment of international
students, overseas Chinese or students from Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau, handling
foreign-related formalities, student registration and administration of student status,
teaching and daily life, etc.

It is in charge of the application and management of cooperation programs and
cooperatively running schools. It has the rights to admit students for cooperatively-running
programs or training programs and administrate other things related to the international

The foremost task of SIE is to attract a great number of overseas students to study in
Zhengzhou University ( to make Zhengzhou University known to the world); vigorously
develop cooperatively-running schools, and to foster a large number of high-quality
international-oriented compound talents (to help Zhengzhou University join the world); by
the way of training overseas students, on the basis of communicating and cooperating
with foreign universities and colleges as well as educational institutions, we could
introduce advanced education recourses in, make good use of them and continuously
improve the international position and influence of Zhengzhou University in the world.

ZhengzhouUniversity has a lively academic atmosphere and extensive external
exchanges. Any specialty offered in ZhengzhouUniversity is available to overseas
students. Every year, hundreds of international students from the U.S.A., Canada, Korea,
Japan, Russia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc., come to Zhengzhou University to pursue
Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree or study Chinese.

SIE is dedicated to conducting through various forms education cooperation and
exchanges with famous universities abroad, introducing the advanced teaching contents,
teaching method, curriculum system and instructive administration mode from foreign
universities and striving to realize as early as possible internationalization in terms of the
selection of teaching materials, curriculum system, teaching management mode, and
teaching language.

Nowadays more and more overseas students come to China to study Chinese, The
Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of SIE provides good learning
conditions for overseas students to engage in advanced studies.

The Centre for Teaching Chinese Language as a foreign language aims to teach Chinese
language and culture to overseas students or overseas Chinese. It includes Chinese
courses for undergraduate overseas students, Chinese courses ranging from 6months to
3 years for language students and various-level short-term intensified Chinese courses
covering two weeks to three months. Students will be categorized according to their
Chinese level at the time of enrollment into 6-level classes ranked from zero level to
elementary, medium, and advanced level, which is carried out in small classes of less
than 20 students. For each semester, courses covering 320 hours within 16 weeks will be

Students will receive all-round Chinese training in terms of listening, speaking, reading,
and writing. Furthermore, selective lessons with Chinese features, such as Chinese
Culture, Martial Art, Shadow Boxing, Calligraphy, etc. are up to students to choose. By the
end of the study, students who pass the required courses will be awarded a Certificate of

Foreign Students' Dormitory

The Foreign Students Hostel is located in the University area. Two students live
in each room. The room is furnished with two beds, study tables and wardrobes. Every
room has a Central Heating System, Air conditioner, Television with Cables, and a
telephone. If the students have computer, they can have internet facility by paying to the
network centre. There is attached bathroom in every room with 24 hours Hot and Cold
water service.

Washing Machines are available in every floor of the Hostel for washing clothes. Dry
Cleaners are also available nearby. Those who want to cook by themselves can cook in
the hostel. Every floor has a kitchen with 24 hours supply of gas and water.

Management: The Hostel has reception room and cleaning workers. The reception
personnel are on duty for 24 hours. They are responsible for the safe order of the students'
dormitory and their security. The cleaning workers are responsible for cleaning the whole

Library: Inside the Hostel there is a Library. Students can purchase text books and related
topics from there. There is a Study room nearby.

Sports: The University has a Football Ground, Tennis Courts and Basket Ball Courts. The
Hostel has Table Tennis room.

Medical treatment: The 1st affiliated Hospital of Medical College of ZhengZhou University
is 4 minutes walking distance from the Hospital. The students have to pay their expenses
for the service from hospital.


1. MBBS Study program : Five Years

Application Time:

Spring Term (March Session):
Each Year before January.

Autumn Term (September Session):
Each Year before September.

2. Post Graduate Study program:

Application Time:

Spring Term (March Session):
Each Year before January.

Autumn Term (September Session):
Each Year before September.

Categories  Requirements:

Undergraduate  -
 With a high school diploma, a health certificate required
Term: (5) Five years
  • Clinical Medicine

Postgraduate   - Graduating university students, recommended by two associated
professors and approved to be qualified by the college, a health certificate required. The
graduates of our college have priority.

Term: (3) years
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Paediatrics
  • Gyn and Obs
  • Ophthalmology
  • E.N.T
  • Image Medicine
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Physiology

Doctoral  - Candidate  Got the Master’s degree certificate,
Recommended by two professors,approved to be qualified by the college, a health
certificate required.
Term: 3 years  
  • Pathology and Physiology|
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Oncology
Medical College Of Zhengzhou
University(Henan Medical University)

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Zhengzhou University was established in 1956.It is the first
university established by the PRC in Henan province.Shandong
University helped them greatly. In 1992, Huanghe University
(Yellow River University) was merged to Zhengzhou University.
On July 10, 2000, Zhengzhou University of Technology and Henan
Medical University were merged to Zhengzhou University.
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