Xian Jiaotong University -   西安交通大学

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Offering Medical Education in China
Xian Jiaotong University one of the oldest universities in China. One of the top 10
Universities in China. The pioneer university in China MBBS in English Medium.

Xi’an Jiaotong University was formed by the combination of Xi‟an Jiaotong University,
Shaanxi Finance and Economics College and Xi‟an Medical University in April 2000.
Xian Medical University originally consisted of the Elementary Medical College, No 1 and No
2 Clinic Medical College (Hospital), a Nursing Department, a Medical Jurisprudence
College, a Community Medical College and the Public Health College. It is the cradle for
training advanced medical professionals in the North West of China. It is located in the
south part of the city surrounded by universities and is in a neighborhood of famous scenic
spots including the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi
History Museum. It is located among elegant surroundings with convenient traffic access

Through the painstaking efforts and hard work of many generations, the college has
developed a collective ability for administration. The college has 400 teachers and faculty
including 22 Doctoral mentors and 110 professors and associate professors. It has one
very large department (Elementary Medical Department), and four divisions (Public Health
Department, Forensic Medicine Department, Nursing Department and Medical Engineering
Department), five centers (Medical Training Centre, Medical Experimenting Centre, Medical
Information Centre, Animal Experimentation Centre and Medical Testing Centre). The
speciality programs include five-year courses and seven-year courses in Clinical Medicine
as well as a nursing speciality. The Xi‟an Medical College has ten authorized places for
awarding doctorates and 29 places for master‟s degrees. The authorized places for
awarding these degrees cover all medical specialities and most of the related medical

Physiology and Medical Jurisprudence are the two nationally recognized key subjects. In
2001 the National Ministry of Personnel approved setting up a first class postdoctoral
station for basic medicine and scientific research. It has gradually established a complete
administrative system foreducating and training both undergraduate and graduate
students. At present the college has 329 students with doctorial degrees, 642 students with
master‟s degrees and 2800 undergraduate students. The college actively recruits new
students and simultaneously undertakes the education of full- time graduate students. For
undergraduate student education the emphasis is on practice with basic knowledge and
extensive education.

With advanced facilities and instruments, the college has a great strength in scientific
research. The newly set up medical experimentation centre, medical information centre and
the animal experimentation centre guarantee a high standard and high quality of work for
the college‟s scientific research. The medical jurisprudence, microelement and local
disease centers are the two-keystone labs belonging to Ministry of Health. In 2001 eighteen
projects obtained grants from the national nature and science ministry valued at 3 million
Yuan, and 110 grants of funds from provinces, ministries and cities with a value of over six
million Yuan. Twenty-three awards with a total of 2 million Yuan and thirty-four awards
totaling eight hundred thousand Yuan of college funds were also granted. A number of
scientific research and teaching achievements won prizes from the national government,
provinces and ministries. The research achievements for Chronic Keshan disease and
Kaschin-Beck Disease twice won the „Kalawes Award‟ and „Kelaws Award‟ of the
International Biochemistry Association.

International intercommunication has gained great recognition; the Department
successfully set up partnership relationships with over ten countries‟ universities and
institutions in America, UK, Japan, Canada, Thailand and etc. Over one hundred important
teachers and executives were dispatched abroad for study and scientific collaboration.
Every year over one hundred foreign students come to study here. The long-term
cooperative relationship with the Chinese Medical Fund of American and with the World
Health Fund has been built up. These programs include over 10 grants for teaching and
scientific research with more than ten million dollars in funding.

Today in the 21st century, all the staff and employees have a sense of passion and firm
confidence to strive for the aim of building up a world famous and high-level university for
educating first class medical professionals and creating a high standard of medical
research, under the leadership of the party committee and executives‟ management.