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Corporate Profile:

IGWY   stands for   I GO WITH YOU.    It is an education consultant  that gets the    BEST    out  of  the student
potential,  by walking the extra mile to provide them the best resources available and fine-tuned them  about
being  passionate  in  their chosen field. Once chosen, we walk with them from the classroom till graduation.

IGWY   has chosen CHINA as the    'NEW KID ON THE BLOCK"   in the provider of     HIGHER EDUCATION.

 is endowed to a be a    SUPER-POWER    by 2020,  and it  is imperative that the students is advice, to
ride this
"RE-AWAKENIG DRAGON" and maximize their education by being there.   A Knowledge of Mandarin
will augurs  well,  in the next 10 years.
CHINA    growth and  prosperity  allow for the sharing of   this cake by
making Higher  Education affordable to  most of  the developing  countries. Sadly, to say, most do not know.

IGWY    has send 450 students, and only   20%   are from  Malaysia.   With the  Mutual  Recognition  Agreement
CHINA    and    MALAYSIA, over 400 Universities are being recognized.   After 5 years of hard-selling,   
IGWY   is reaping the fruits of its patience.

IGWY   has  an   OFFICE   in    THAILAND  , MALAYSIA, and PHILIPPINES  and Associates  in 10 others countries.
Jinan University
Wuhan University
Xian Jiaotong University
Capital Medical University
Capital Medical University
San Carlos University
Jinan  University