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Qingdao University, situated in the Chinese eastern seaside city Qingdao, faces the
Yellow Sea to its south and Mount Fushan as its background, creating a beautiful
academic setting. Qingdao University, authorized by the National Committee of
Education and Shandong Provincial ShandongProvincial Government in 1993,is a
comprehensive university incorporating the former Qingdao University, Shandong
Textile Engineering College,
Qingdao Medical College and Qingdao Teachers'
College, and is now the largest university in Shandong Province.

The University comprises 25 colleges:
College of Literature, College of Foreign Languages and Literature, College of Arts,
Music and Performance, College of Fine Arts, Painting and Sculpture, College of
Science, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Automation Engineering,
College of Information Engineering, College of Haier Software, College of Chemical
Engineering, College of Textiles and Clothing, College of Medical Science, College of
Teachers,College of Law, College of Economics, College of International Business,
College of Tourism, College of Chinese Language and Culture, International Colleges,
Holmes College, College of Vocational and Technical Education, College of
Continuing Education.

The University has 73 specialties with undergraduate programs covering literature,
history, philosophy, law, economics, management, natural sciences, engineering,
medical science, education, etc., and 25 provincial key disciplines, laboratories and
engineering research centers. We also have 6 specialties with doctor programs and
60 specialties with master programs.

The University has 4,000 staff members and more than 32,000 full-time students,
including1,600 graduate Students, In addition, there are 700 foreign students and
more than 11,000 students for continuing education. 1,100,000 square meters of
university buildings are housed on the 1,700,000 square meters campus. The library,
with 3 million books and more than 4,700 periodicals, is one of the largest libraries in
Shandong. The University has 2,000 teachers, including one member of
Chinese Academy of Science, two members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and
another 7 external academicians, 281 full professors, 868 associate professors and
more than 150 doctors. And there are a large number of international renowned
scholars in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science,
Automation, Computer Science, Textile Engineering, International Relations, Chinese
Language and Literature, and History.

The University leads the country in researches on Luxun’s works, Pre-Qin Dynasty
literature, non-linear excitation computer control systems, super low temperature
cornea freezing, nutrition and immunity and natural pigment extraction. the University
also has cooperation with many provincial and municipal enterprises and has
established specialty research institutes with Haier, Hisense, Blue Goose and Double

International exchange programs have been established with more than 40
universities and twinning agreements have been signed with 20 universities in 50
countries and regions, including the USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, Canada,
Australia, Singapore and Israel, It is one of the two Universities with the major to enroll
foreign students in Shandong and an HSK test center has been established in the
University. In the new century, Qingdao University will develop its school spirit and
strive to bring the University into a highly-developed, internationalized new type of
comprehensive university with emphasis on its openness to the world.

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