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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Jinan University,  is located in the Shipai district of Guangzhou.   The total area of the university measures 730,000 sq.mt.
Formerly known as Jinan Academy it was founded in 1906 in Nanjing during the Qing dynasty. Having a long history the
Jinan Academy, then later renamed as Jinan School was transferred to Shanghai and Fujian before being finally
reconstituted in Guangzhou in 1958.

The College is under the Central Government of the Peoples Republic of China and owing to state support as well as the
munificence of it's benefactors both at home and overseas, from Hongkong,  Macao and Taiwan, Jinan University has
achieved success in various fields - teaching as well as scientific research.

Jinan University is a comprehensive, multi disciplinary university with a College of Liberal arts, College of Science &
Engineering, College of Economics and of course the Medical College.

In March 1984 the college was registered with the World Health Organisation and the students have the privilege of
taking and the clinical doctor and practioner registration which has raised the status and the reputation of the college.

In April 1994, the affiliated hospital was designated as a 3rd-degree hospital (the top degree hospital designation in
China) and in September 1995 it was appraised by medical authorities of Guangzhou, Guangdong province and China's
leading health organization. Leading health organizations at all levels have agreed that this affiliated hospital complies
with WHO and UNICEF health standards; as a result, an infant-care hospital has been set up.

The year 2005 ushers in an age of unprecedented cooperation between the college and India as the college opens it's
doors to India. The mutual cooperation and exchange of ideas as well as the exposure t that these students will develop to
the Chinese way of life will not only lead to better relations but will also lead to the dissemination of medical information &
Undergraduate: An applicant who is
Minimum a high secondary graduate with
good health and without criminal record.

Applicants must have passed

  • Grade twelve (10+2)
  • M. 6 (Thailand)
  • A-Level
  • High School graduate
Materials to be submitted to us: (Scan )

  • Passport (Only the first page )
  • Higher Secondary
    transcripts/Mark sheet
  • A completed Application form.

Download the Application form  fill it with
Photo and Scan and email to
info@chinaenglishmedium.com  with all
the above required documents.
BA in Pharmacy
BA in International Economics & Trade
BA in Accounting
BA in  Food Quality and Safety
BA in Public Administration
BA in Finance
BA in Computer Science & Technology
Chinese Language
Admission Procedure
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Jinan University -  MBBS
A Brief Pofile of Jinan University
Guangzhou - China
Guangzhou, located in the south part of
China, at the mouth of the Pearl River delta, is
an important trading center as well as a busy
port and the capital city of the province of
Guandong. The city has an area of 7,434
square kilometers and a population of 6.7
million. Under its administration are four
county-level cities of Huadu, Conghua,
Zengcheng and Panyu and eight districts:
Yuexiu, Dongshan, Haizhu, Litchi, Tianhe,
Baiyun, Fangcun and Whampu. It's a famous
historical and cultural city in China.

Guangzhou stands at the confluence of the
East River, West River and North River, with
its land sloping from north-east to
south-west, and an alluvial plain in the south
and south-west parts. It adjoins the South
China Sea, and is crisscross with rivers and
streams and has a south subtropical marine

The average year-round temperature is 22°C.
August is the hottest month, with an average
temperature of 28°C. January is the coldest
month, with an average of 13C. The rainy
season falls between April and August.
Average annual rainfall is 1,720 mm.
Guangzhou has advanced agriculture,
abounding in rice, sugarcanes, fruits,
freshwater fish and oil crops. Its mineral
resources include coal, salt, copper, iron,
zinc, lead and limestone. Flowers bloom
there all year round, hence its name as the
City of Flowers, which is one of the several
nick names of Guangzhou.

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The Medical College of Jinan University was set up in 1978 alongwith a modern hospital known as Guangzhou Chinese
Overseas Hospital.

The college has set up 12 labs along with RMB 8.5 million in medical equipment.

Besides the affiliated hospital, the college has a number of fieldwork units as teaching hospitals: Shenzheng People's
Hospital, Zhuhai Hospital, Macao Lake Hospital. Other fieldwork hospitals include Guangdong Province Hospital,
Guangzhou Sixth Hospital, Zongshan Xiaolan Hospital, Heyuan City Hospital and Duanzhou Hospital (in Zhaoqin); there
are eleven of these in all.
The college's teaching programs and curriculum strive to meet the needs of foreign medical practice, which are
comparatively similar to the teaching programs of medical colleges in England and the United States
. Simultaneously,
they embody the requirements of China's college education, which stresses students' comprehensive improvement.

Either of the teaching programs provide more than 5,500 major hours in order to comply with international standards.

Currently the college has over 100 post graduate students among whom 15 are PhD and 88 master degree candidates
There are 598 undergraduate students enrolled. Since 1988, a 3-year program professional training class has also enrolled
students; there are 142 in this class. The nursing school offers a 3-year training program and has 189 students.
Scientific Research
The college library contains numerous books & periodicals with 53,000 periodicals and 430 magazines.

There have been 2,117 scientific theses published and 118 of them have been published in the international medical
issues; 476 have been assigned as international conference theses; 127 medical textbooks have been compiled by the
school's teachers and research fellows.

The college has active good relations with many universities and colleges abroad among them Medical College of Science
and Engineering of Texas, USA; Medical College of Alberta University, Canada; and the Seattle Washington Medical College,
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Jinan University, MBBS in China, China MBBS
Jinan University, MBBS in China, MBBS in Jinan University China, Study medicine in China, study MBBS in China, China MBBS
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Guangzhou, China
Bachelor of Medicine
& Bachelor of Surgery
6 years
Health Organization
(WHO), and eligible of PLAB
Sreening test (India)
RMB 30000 / year
Guangzhou China, China, study in China