Among the well-structured and high-quality staff, there are about 4,500 teaching and
administrative staff in the University, nearly 750 of them have high-rank professional
titles including one academician from China Engineering Academy, famous
national TCM doctors, and leaders of the state-level key subjects of science. By
focusing on cultivating and attracting talents from both home and abroad, the
University has good academic environment for both study and research. And
International Education College will recruit talents for the high-level and high-quality
teaching staff as well.

Base for Clinical Practice

The College has a very good reputation for its educational quality in clinical practice
with 15 bases including the affiliated hospitals, research institutes, other municipal
hospitals and hospitals with special departments.
The affiliated hospitals: Longhua Hospital, Shuguang Hospital, Yueyang Integrative
Hospital of Chinese-Western Medicine and Putuo District Central Hospital.
Research Institutes: Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Shanghai Qigong Research Institute.
Other municipal hospitals: Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai People’s Hospital No 1 and
Shanghai Peoples’ Hospital No 6., Shanghai Municipal TCM Hospital
Hospitals with special departments: Xiangshan Hospital, Tianshan TCM Hospital,
Integrative Hospital of Chinese-Western Medicine in Huangpu District and the
Central Hospital of Jingan District and Putuo TCM Hospital.
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine (SHUTCM)
Recognised by JPA (For Malaysian)

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