The University is located in Scientific Research and Education Zone, ZhangJiang
High-tech Park, Pudong New Area
. The campus which occupies 500 units of area
affairs building, gymnasium and museum.

Presently, the number of students in the university is 7400, including 349 students for
doctoral programs, 827 students for master's programs, 4671 students for
undergraduate programs or higher vocational education, 987 students for continuing
education and 588 long-term students abroad. The university has established
cooperation with 14 countries and areas. More than 600 short-term students from
over 30 countries and areas such as Japan, Korea, Russia, France, England,
America, Germany and Italy come to the university per year.

For nearly 50 years since the foundation, Shanghai University of TCM has trained all
kinds and grades of people with TCM abilities for our country. The schoolfellows now
are in over 60 countries and areas. The university has more than 600 specialists and
professors, including 1 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering,1
academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and many leaders of state key
academic disciplines and famous herbalist doctors. The stuff number now is over
1200, not including attached units.

The University now has 17 secondary schools and departments, 3 directly
subordinate 3A hospitals, Shuguang Hospital, Longhua Hospital and Yueyang
Hospital, 2 indirectly subordinate hospitals, Putuo Hospital and Shanghai Hospital of
Traditional Chinese Medicine, 13 subordinate or joint academies, 8 research centers
and 1 union of medicine, instruction and research combined of 17 institutions of
TCM. It has 3 bases of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Base
of Wushu Training for University Students, Base of Cultural Education for University
Students and National Base of Science Elements Research and Instructional
Specialists Training. The 3 doctoral programs accredited by Level I academic
disciplines, i.e. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicinal
Materials and Combination of TCM and Western Medicine are also research stations
that offer postdoctoral programs. The University has 15doctoral programs accredited
by Level II academic disciplines, 30 master programs, 30 undergraduate and junior
undergraduate programs and 9 academic disciplines of continuing education.

Shanghai University of TCM and Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine
which is one of the seven academies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China share
the same ground and stuff. The university now has 3 key academic disciplines of
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, i.e. Surgery of TCM,
Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials and Internal Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1
key laboratory of Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, 4 key
academic disciplines construction units of State Administration of Traditional
Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China, 7 Shanghai key academic
disciplines, 2 Shanghai E- Academies of universities, 3 key academic disciplines of
Shanghai Education Committee 4th phase key academic disciplines, 1 Shanghai key
laboratory and 14 third-class laboratories.

The university now is striving for the aim that to be a high level, investigative-oriented
and external-oriented university.
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese
Medicine (SHUTCM)
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